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The Scottish Games League

by John Allen

Greenville Scottish Games 10 Year Anniversary Where has the time gone?

From our humble beginnings, we’ve continued to set the Greenville Games apart from others. We’ve worked to really set the Gold Standard for what a Highland Game and Festival should be.

I’ve been the Athletic Director for Greenville Games for the last seven years and wow have we grown and even more amazingly, how we’ve continued to change.

The first two years we had about 25 Athletes take the field. Since then we’ve exploded into one of the largest Groups of Athletes in the Nation.

In 2012 we hosted the Masters World Championships with over 110 Athletes.

Each and every year, we’ve continued to showcase more and more of our local and regional Athletes on one of the very best venues in all the US.Ask any athlete in the Southeast and they’ll all tell you, “Greenville is the Game you don’t want to miss”.

This year is also the Inaugural Season for the SGL, Scottish Games League. Greenville will Host the Southeastern Division Championships with the very best Athletes in all the Southeast Region. 

John Allen

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The greenville scottish games

All day Saturday, May 28th at Furman University!

We created the Games in 2006 as a tribute to and a celebration of our Celtic forebears. The colors, tastes, sights and sounds you will experience are all evocative of clan life in the wild Highlands of Scotland. The  Athletic competition is drawn from the warrior traditions at ancient clan gatherings, as is the Highland Dancing competition, albeit considerably more evolved from the original warlike expressions of victory over defeated enemies. Pipers from all across the South will remind you vividly of how the Great Highland War Pipes were an integral part of every Scottish clan marching into battle. The crafts – from the weaving of tartans to the Axe Throwers  – would have been all around you at a Gathering of the Clans from long ago.

Children visiting our Games will have their own miniature Scottish village, called Wee Scotland. There is not another like it, as far as we know, at any other Scottish Games in the country. They will have their own crafts, athletic events, “mountains” to climb, and much more, all the while absorbing a bit of the culture that settled our region.

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